Tyler Blackburn / Caleb Rivers returns to Pretty Little Liars!

this answers your questions my little liars !

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Anonymous said: Do you hate Paige as much as I do? Also, what do you think will happen to Caleb Rivers?

YES, for some reason Paige has always gotten on my nerves…

Caleb, i think will definitely come back to PLL and he will be forced to see Hanna with someone else. haha. sucker. but they will eventually get back together.

Anonymous said: hi:) I am new in this Liars thing and i want to ask you something... when i read spoilers there is something like,,YOU WILL KNEW IN 3B OR 4B..what it means 3B and 4B??? Thank you for your answer :)

so when it says 3B it means the second half of season 3 - so after the mid-season finale :)

crimson-clover426 said: what is the significance of the Lady in Black? did Marlene King say anything about that?

lady in black is end game. i think she has mentioned that we probably won’t find out who she is until the end of the entire series.

Tammin Sursok  interview :What can fans expect from the new series?[x]

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Aria & Ezra 4.19 sneak peek [x]

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Ezra and Alison - flashback 4x17 ‘Bite your tongue’




Ezra and Alison - flashback 4x17 ‘Bite your tongue’


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A timeline of events of the day Alison went missing:


Alison called Duncan Albert to come and pick her up in Hilton Head, South Carolina. He dropped her off in a field near Philadelphia. This means that Ali was in town 6-7 hours before the girls knew.

Ali checks into Room 1 at the Lost…

Ali in Paris theory :)

I think Ali has been hiding in Paris, not France but Paris, PA.

During Alison’s visit to Emily when Em nearly dies, she says Emily can go with her or stay there. Most people just assume Heaven because Ali is supposed to be dead but in a previous flashback it shows Emily and Ali planning to go to Paris together (You, me in sweet Paris?).

When Ali visits Spencer she see’s the painkillers and asks if she could take a couple “for the road”. The road to Paris maybe?

In the flashback of Ali visiting the Mask Shop she demanded directions to the Exton Bypass. This is the opposite direction to Rosewood but is in the direction to Paris, PA!

In the locker room with Emily, Ali says, “I need to find a French family willing to host a girl from Pennsylvania. Paris would be so awesome.” Later in the episode Ali shows Emily her new bra saying, “Have you seen this? I got it from a French catalogue.”

Emily gets sent a FRENCH postcard from A. Does A know that Ali might be in Paris PA?

Also Norman Buckley posted a picture of a sled on twitter saying it was a “big big clue” and printed on the sled was “American Flyer by Paris”!

There are quite a few French things in Ali’s room.

Btw I just read EVERYTHING on here because I love your blog!! You’re amazing!! Can’t wait until the 7th! <3