my, my the web you have woven mr fitz.
never wanted to believe it but i can see it 100%.
it isn’t a trick. you really are ‘A’ or apart of the ‘A Team’.

your picture was one of the only males not up on that wall.
you live in rosewood. your older in your age. you like younger girls.
you dress nicely. you know how to talk.
so many things point to you being A.
i wouldn’t be surprised if deep down Aria knows but like Spencer when she first found out about Toby she didn’t want to admit it out loud.

Alison probably wouldnt have made contact, she knows if Aria found out she would run to the love of her life.
Ezra is most probably the last one to see her that night.
the one who put her in the ground.
It wouldn’t surprise me if he was somehow involved in the NAT club.
not directly, but a subsidiary.

Ali says in the second picture that her lover is afraid of the ocean?
far fetched but its quite funny that Ian Harding actually is afraid of the ocean. (picture 3)